About Us

North Harbour Veterinary Clinic is staffed by two very experienced veterinarians Dr. Nicholas Smith and Dr Bruce Chard.

Nick is  available to see your pet every Monday to Thursday and every alternative Friday and Saturday. Bruce is here every Tuesday and Thursday moring and the alternative Friday and Saturday to Nick. Please phone and check with reception if you wish to know their availability.

Barbara, Doris and Emily are our well trained nursing staff. Barbara is our longest serving vet nurse. Doris, who speaks fluent Mandarin and English,  started with us June 2016. Emily, who also has several years experience as a vet nurse, started with the clinic in 2019.

North Harbour Veterinary Clinic first opened at its existing site in 1988. The building was architecturally designed and developed in association with the previous owner Bruce Chard as a full veterinary facility with space for consultations through to surgery and hospitalisation. For many years a specialist Animal Dermatology Clinic has also operated from the building, initially run by Dr Allan Bell, but now owned by Animal Dermatology Clinic and  staffed by a qualified Veterinary Dermatologist.

Services Provided:

Annual Health Checks

We will give your pet a full "nose to tail" examination which includes your pet’s ears, eyes, nose, mouth, lymph nodes and skin; listen to the heart, feel the abdomen and check anything you may be concerned about. A complimentary nail trim is given if requested.

Puppy and Kitten Checks

As above, with advice on training, socialisation, vaccinations, worming and desexing. 

Small Pets: Rabbits, Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs and Birds

We don’t just look after cats and dogs!  We can give your small pets a full “nose to tail” check too; we also offer neutering of male rabbits .

We can also give your bird a check over and clip your birds’ nails and wings. For more complex issues we can refer your bird to a specialist.


Microchipping is required by law for all dogs, and is very popular in cats who like to wander. The microchip is then registered on the New Zealand Animal Companion Register (NZCAR) online register (optional but highly recommended for dogs). 


A requirement for all dogs, now becoming more popular with cat owners who want their cat to be returned if it goes wandering. Also needed for microchip-operated cat doors! Our clinic uses local anaesthetic before inserting microchips.

De-sexing Operations

We routinely de-sex dogs and cats, as well as neutering male rabbits.

Desexing your pet offers medical benefits such as

Female spey, removal of the ovaries and uterus, decreases the risk of uterine and mammary cancers and eliminates the risk of Pyometra (infection of the uterus)

Male neuter, removal of the testicles, decreases the risk of testicular and prostate problems; also neutered males are less like to wander.


All routine de-sexing surgery including removal of retained testicles is done in our dedicated surgical room. We also perform surgery for the removal of lumps, biopsies of skin or internal organs, removal of objects from the bowel or removal of tumours as well as some orthopaedic surgery. Major orthopaedic surgery is referred to specialist surgeons.


We have a veterinary ultrasonic dental scaler and a iM3 veterinary dental machine. At your pet’s annual health check we assess dental health and will advise when a dental scale and polish is due. Keeping the tartar off their teeth prevents gum recession and gingivitis, and helps your pet keep their teeth well into their geriatric years.

Laboratory Services

We offer a complete service for diagnosing illness in your pet or monitoring change as your pet ages. Blood results are normally through by the same day and will be phone through to you by one of our veterinarians. Many tests are done right here in the clinic, including skin, urine and some blood tests. On-site urine testing enables you to have a result within ten minutes; we send our more extensive tests to Gibbles Laboratory. 


We have recently up graded our x-ray system to digital. This gives us a number of advantages. We are able to view x-rays on a screen within minutes of taking the x-ray and there is much greater detail.With cats and small dogs the image includes the chest and abdomen giving diagnostic information on both areas without the need for separete x-rays. This means less x-rays are taken;and no longer needing chemicals to develop x-rays,leads to greater safety  for staff and better for the environment .The x-rays can then be attached to the pet file for a permanent record and can be sent for further interpretation if needed .

Our x-ray machine is a powerful ex-hospital unit capable of taking high-resolution x-rays of animals from the smallest kitten to the largest dog.


We have two full hospitalisation facilities to care for animals after surgery or critically ill pets including a separate isolation unit if necessary. This includes the use of an oxygen cage for cats and small dogs, heat pads, fluid pumps that give measured amounts of intravenous fluids, and full nursing care during our opening hours. Pets that require 24 hour care can be transferred to an After Hours Facility overnight and then returned to our clinic if appropriate for further care and treatment.

Nursing Services

Our three lovely nurses are qualified to give advice on all aspects of care for pets, including advice on de-sexing, vaccinations, nutrition and weight control. Nurses also can help you with grooming of your pet, nail trims and the removal of stitches. We clip and groom cats, usually under anaesthetic.

Export Health Checks

All  veterinarians are qualified to give health checks to pets prior to export to another country. This includes microchipping as well as  vaccination for rabies, if this is a requirement. However, we do not provide these services for  exporting cats and dogs to Australia .


We offer a boarding facility for up to 10 cats on short or long term stays. This is especially appropriate for cats needing medication and diabetic cats.